Warrior Beasts Soul Scavenger Power Con Exclusive

Warrior Beasts Soul Scavenger Power Con Exclusive

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Fresh off the boat from Zoloworld in the US.

The Warrior Beasts - Soul Scavenger (Power-Con Exclusive)

The forest is full of creatures that hunt in the daylight, but only a few come out at dusk. Nothing is more frighting than the stories of the Soul Scavenger! It lurks in the shadows with its eerie green eyes ever gazing on its prey. This monster is known for its pale white skin, black cape and GLOWING BONES. It is even said to have a skinless skull for a head. Very few travel the woods at night and of the few that do.. many never come back...

comes with:
* Zoloworld Interchangeable Body
* Interchangeable Head
* Pale Long Axe
* Vinyl Cape
* GLOW IN THE DARK Bones (torso)
* Artwork Backer card (Faccone)
* Scarcely Limited Edition Figure