Realm Of The Underworld Kry-Sis The Warrior

Realm Of The Underworld Kry-Sis The Warrior

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Fresh off the boat from Zoloworld in the US.

Realm Of The Underworld WAVE 3
KRY-SIS (The Warrior)

After the shield of life was destroyed by Grym The Executioner, the Underworld Warrior fell lifeless to the earth. Hercules had fallen to darkness by the power of Hades! Now in possession of the Helmet, Hercules can lead the Archfiend armies to each of the gates to the Underworld. Zeus, Apollo and Poseidon join forces and return to the Mortal Plane. The ruler of Olympus gifted KRY-SIS with immortality. Apollo gave the new demigod the Armor Of The Sun. This garb allows its wearer to withstand extreme conditions. Armed with his axe and shield, KRY-SIS fights alongside the force of the GODS! Will this be enough to stop the Hercules and his dark army?

KRY-SIS (The Warrior) Comes With:
** Interchangeable Zoloworld Body
** Interchangeable Head
** The Armor Of The Sun (Apollo)
** Axe
** Silver Shield
** Carded Action Figure
** Backer Card Artist: The Legendary Neal Adams
** Card Back Panel Art: Faccone
Mini Comics interior artwork By (Campana, Danbrenus, Thielen, Faccone, Zolotorow)

** Limited Editon