Realm Of The Underworld Jewel Smuggler (Yellow)

Realm Of The Underworld Jewel Smuggler (Yellow)

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Fresh off the boat from Zoloworld in the US.

Realm Of The Underworld Wave 3

Jewel Smuggler

Legend has it that the smugglers can sense precious stones that have magical powers. When a smuggler touches the jewel, the creature absorbs its energy and becomes one with the ore.

These creatures were once allies with the demon known as Archterrus (Artifact Stealer), but a traitorous act forced them apart. Now, these smugglers travel the world in search of the legendary Amon Stone. A diamond that Is said to contain almost as much dark energy as the Underworld itself!

Jewel Smuggler (Catalog Edition) Comes With:
** Zoloworld Interchangeable Translucent yellow Body
** Interchangeable Translucent head
** Silver Battle Axe
** Blister Card By: The Legendary Neal Adams / Scott West
** Card Back Panel Art: Faccone
Mini Comics interior artwork By (Campana, Danbrenus, Thielen, Faccone, Zolotorow)

** Limited Edition