June Update


Hey Folks,

Here at NeMA Studios HQ we have been busy creating and designing brand new figures. Since out last Blog post we have released a Retro Collection featuring British nostalgic favourites Pat Sharp from Fun House, Gilbert the Alien, and a brand new sculpted Grotbags. There is also brand new Deluxe Fiendish Feet including Fangs-a-lot, Wilf, Hot Cross Bunny, Smore the Destroyer and Bug Hunt.

We are deep into production with Wheelies so you can add them into your Chorlton collection. On April fools Day we released a very limited run of V Bootlegs for one day only. Also from V we have Juliet in the Conversion chamber in production. For Trap door fans we have brand new creature packs and finally after many requests from you we have released a Jaime and the Magic Torch 2 pack including Jaime and Wordsworth for Pre Order.  

As always we are extremely grateful for all your support and look forward to creating even more action figures to add to your collection.

Nic and Emma